Blue Jean (ft. Jaclyn Heuser)

by Surrenderson

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Part of a 3-way split with New Lives and Undeserving on Sunday Drive Records

Order the tape here: http://sundaydriverecords.limitedrun(DOT)com/products/567143-new-lives-surrenderson-undeserving-split-pre-order


For six months now I've watched the snow pile up on the fire escape.
What the fuck am I supposed to do when shit gets rough.
What a wasteful excuse for a safety precaution. Stop thinking you're always overthinking the chances that high risk situations really lead to reward.

Go get what you want stop making other people happy.
She sits alone, always alone regretting choices she's made.
What a sorry attempt at an apology. I fucking hate that you've already felt anything I can say.

We'll lay our heads where we lay our hearts. For the night, for the hour, for the weekend.
And Saturday, it still turns to Sunday.
No we don't get no relief.

She fights for equality though she's never had it at home.
Tear the roof off this house slowly watch all the grass turn grey.
Keep the color in your cheeks, such a sweet young thing. Bitter taste, scratch the back of your head. Seventeen going in thirty we should know better not to play make pretend.

I do solemnly swear that there's spaces in between the grey if you can see little specs of black and white.
I'll be home within the hour and if you turn back now we can get there at precisely the same time.


released February 7, 2016
Guitar/vocals - Justin Pankiewicz
Bass- Matt Cole
Drums - Josh Kayne

Backing vocals - Jaclyn Heuser (



all rights reserved